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Luis J Ayala Navarro |
Director de la Autoridad Portuaria de Melilla


Hi! We are delighted to welcome you to our beautiful city of Melilla.

Our city has always been linked to the sea, since the Phoenicians first established a trading post called Rusadir or Ryssadirum – on the trade routes to the Western Mediterranean – through the arrival of the Spaniards, who entrusted us with the task of monitoring the south of the Alboran Sea, the name of the maritime region between Spain and Morocco before the entrance to the Atlantic Ocean.

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"If Melilla has been one of the world’s ‘best kept secrets’, surely it is time to let the secret out!"

A First Class Package for Owners of Yachts and Superyachts

Melilla’s location, wonderful weather, unique character and excellent facilities add up to a first-class package for the owners and crew of yachts and superyachts. The low-tax regime means that owners can source spare parts and other supplies at significantly lower cost. Duty free shopping in the city centre is
another fantastic attraction.

Puerto Noray, the Marina of Melilla, is 400 metres’ walk from the city and 2.5 kms from the airport. It offers nearly 400 berths for vessels of between 6 and 24 metres in length, with all the necessary backup services and facilities required.

Melilla is well positioned for yachts repositioning between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. It’s easy for crew to fly in or out to join or depart from a vessel, thanks to Melilla’s well connected and easily accessed airport. Melilla is an excellent option for owners seeking a winter base, requiring simple or complex repair and maintenance services, or dropping in for brief or longer stays.

An Ideal Choice for Gambling, Online Gaming and Associated IT Companies

Melilla’s unique tax rules also make the territory an ideal choice for gambling, online gaming and associated IT companies. Following important budget changes to support this sector, the city is set to become an important strategic hub for the European online gambling industry.

In 2018, the City of Melilla’s budget halved the taxation on gambling for companies located in Melilla, from 20% to 10%.

In addition, the indirect tax that takes the place of VAT in Melilla was reduced to 0.5% for advertising and marketing services, services provided electronically, and administration and management services for gaming activities.

There are clear incentives for online gaming companies to choose Melilla as their headquarters and these changes have given certainty and confidence for companies looking to make the move.

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